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“Listen up then, you lot! Some would say Silverdale is a wondrous mining community on the edge of the known world, where farmers and merchants alike live in peace, collecting the wealth and living off the abundant nature around them. These people have never been to Silverdale, nor will they ever take the chance of seeing if they’re right. No, the mining town of Silverdale is quite different from the stories. Unwilling crops, rain that almost literally skins you when it falls from the sky, and wildlife with a distinct interest in eating both your food and you, Silverdale is dangerous, harsh territory, and the relative safety inside these here walls is beautifully contrasted by all kinds of loving monstrosities outside.

We’ve both a dense cluster of trees to our north, locals have gotten around to calling it the Deepmoor Forest. Why’sit called that you ask? Because about half a day’s trek north turns the ground soggy, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in the swamp it hides. To the south are what we call the Howling Plains, if you set out to visit the farmland of the men and women who make this town work, you’ll see why soon enough.

Silverdale is a mining community. As a matter of fact, even if we only sell back half of what we find in these mines to the kingdom, we’re still getting filthy rich, and we can use the rest to smelt pretty figurines, or utensils. Whatever floats your boat. Chance is you’re gonna see alot of silver. Once you’ve been here a while, you’ll realize how futile it is to steal it. It’s like clay around these parts. Heheh. Well, close enough.

You were promised hefty pay for joining us here on the edge of the world, and the Duke is not one to go back on his word. With the money made here, you can expect to be richer than any man you have met before, in half the time he earned his. Now of course, everything is marked up in our lovely community, so you’ll come out about the same unless you go back home with your riches, and that is not a journey you want to make, is it?”

“What’s that? You’re still bothering me? Listen, go get yourself aquainted with Silverdale. I’ll set up tasks on the board in front if I have need of help. I recommend a visit to the Library here in the mansion, if you’re soo keen on knowledge. Just don’t take anything.”

Main Page

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