Layout of Silverdale

Silverdale is a mining community in steady growth. Currently the city holds close to 150 men and women seeking fortune, and the number increases every month. This number also excludes the constant influx of mercenary groups and errant adventurers who reside at the inns or the hotel. Most of the town is a single district, a circle sweeping outwards from Duke Harmont Zwerenhof’s mansion.

A main street draws all the way from the sole entrance in the south, through the city and up the mansion. Along this street, only maybe a hundred metres from the mansion, lies two inns, the Silver Stag and the Gleaming Cup, exactly parallel across the street. The Silver Stag looks nicer even from the outside, but the lone window on the Gleaming Cup wall indicates it’s always bustling with business.

Right by the gate leading into the town lies Gerard’s General Goods, the single store in Silverdale that caters to everyone. Certainly, the city has both tailors, inventors, blacksmiths and the like, but Gerard has it all. Buying from the others at special request to relieve travellers from the arduous task of strolling around the town looking for what they want.

Besides the Mansion, almost built into the mansion itself, lies the Golden Vicar’s Charm, a large hotel built from the most gorgeous of marble. Even the mansion, painted white to match, does not win over it’s outside brilliance. At that, only a single wagon stay parked outside, a most expensive place to live.

North of the mansion, taking up all of northern Silverdale until one reaches the walls, are the Slums. A shacktown, compared to the rest of the fairly well-constructed city. The most defining feature of the Slums are the Kenku. A race of birdmen, the kenku almost single-handedly inhabit the slums, only joined by a few other races, some humans among them, who tried their luck and failed on the new frontier. Miners and craftsmen alike warn of the slums, most who go in there find their pockets lighter, or have anything they put down stolen away.

The rest of the city is a mix-match of houses of different shapes, set up wherever the ground allows. People live in relative peace, working alongside eachother on the dirt streets and the mines west of town equally, and there is yet plenty of space to fill before the city needs to expand beyond the temporary walls of sharpened wood.

Layout of Silverdale

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